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Mother's Day

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LeVanilla Celebrates Mother’s Day: Special Cakes for Moms

The month of May is special because it celebrates the presence and contribution of a special person—one and every mother! Generally celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of May, Mother’s Day is an emotionally happy time for every family. Although it’s not a public holiday, people try to commemorate it at home, in public places, such as restaurants, clubs, etc., and even online. And as most of you rightly point out, there is always something missing if there is no cake at a party! So check out LeVanilla’s tastiest Mother's Day Cakes for every mommy dear.

Why Pamper Your Mom with LeVanilla Cakes?

Why it has to be cakes on such a beautiful occasion? Why not any of the Indian sweets? Why not a special recipe from your own kitchen? Indeed, a valid point. Well, this is because LeVanilla does have a connection with motherhood.

If you didn’t know, our brand came into existence through the hand-baked cakes of a loving mother. Combining her exceptional talent in cooking and the indomitable enthusiasm for baking, she was able to create LeVanilla which happens to be one of the most loved online bakeries in your city.

As a matter of fact, LeVanilla is also the first online bakery in Kolkata with its own kitchen. It is true that currently, you would come across a number of bakeries in this city that accept online orders. The concept of an online bakery is nothing new today.

However, you might just be unaware of the fact that most of these bakeries do not have their online kitchen. Wondering how do they make your orders? Well, they don’t! Unfortunately, when you place your order in such bakeries, all they do is, get it done by some third-party bakers who neither are always registered bakers or sellers nor do they vouch for quality. And eventually, customers often feel cheated after receiving their orders which only partly resemble what they expected.

But with LeVanilla you only make good memories! Despite being a western culture, cakes have become a part of our regular snack routine. Today, the global citizens enjoy the creamilicious cakes on any occasion.

Plus, they are easy to get too. For the traditional sweets, you might have to visit the shop; for making a dish, you have to invest a lot of time in preparation. But we are living in busy times. That is why LeVanilla makes it super convenient for you to bring home the Happy Mother’s Day cakes without any hassle.

LeVanilla Cakes Are Like Mom’s Love

How does it feel to be spending time with your mom? Unquestionably, it is hard to express within a few words. But if you think deep, mom’s love is much like cream. You just wish to let go of all your stress and worries and keep going down, deep down into it. Truly, your mom who taught you how to walk, how to talk, how to stay upright in life, how to fight the odds, deserves a treat that comes straight from your heart.

Believe it or not, cakes are like mom’s love. They are irresistible, they are a mandate, they are immensely sweet and often comes with surprises. They never dishearten you, they never let you go to sleep empty stomach. LeVanilla cakes stay with you 24x7, just like mom does. So when you think of ordering a cake for mother, only we understand what you are exactly looking for. Delicacies to Choose From Like every year, LeVanilla is once again treating its valued customers with freshly baked Mother’s Day special cakes . And this year our range of toothsome delicacies are not just unique but also full of surprises!

Gift Her the Refreshing Fruit Cocktail

Undeniably, fruits are considered the no.1 health booster! But being cakemakers, we always strive to offer the best combination of health and taste. Our Fruit Cocktail is one such innovation. It is one of the best Mother’s Day gifts ever with four kinds of fresh seasonal fruits on top and the rest covered in appetizing white cream.

Let Her Enjoy the Mango Kiwi Gateaux

If you are looking for a premium Mother's Day cake online , your search ends here! Our Mango Kiwi Gateaux is a devilishly delicious treat for all mommies out there. It offers the rarest combination of mango and kiwi fruits served upon a spongy vanilla base. Love is creamy and so are our cakes. Take it from us, your mother won’t forget the day!

Pure Mom Love

LeVanilla’s Mother's Day chocolate cakes are heavenly! Well, don’t believe us, try it for yourself. The freshest we have on the rack has the sweetest name—Mom! And that says it all, doesn’t it? The chocolate truffle cake with chocolate cream is utterly blissful. And if that was not enough, it is loaded with choco chips that any chocolate lover would cherish.

The One and Only Edible Yarn

Oh, how much do you love the sweaters your mom made for you. And now it’s your turn. Get the LeVanilla’s very special Yarn cake that is too cute and too mouth-watering. Trust us, this is one of the best Mother’s Day cakes you will ever find in entire Kolkata and its adjacent.

Unknown Mother’s Day Facts: Presented to You by LeVanilla

Although we eagerly wait for this one of a kind day every year, only a few of us know the origin of this celebration. Mother’s Day celebration dates back to 1907 when a lady named Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her deceased mother in the St. Andrews Methodist Church in West Virginia. It was because her mother often expressed a desire to have such a day. And to pay respect to her mother’s wishes, Anna arranged for this memorial that eventually took the form of an international observance.

So what are you waiting for? Just type in Mother’s Day cake near me and we would deliver your choice right at your doorstep at your preferred time. Mother's Day cake delivery in Kolkata was never this smooth and easy!