Womens day cakes

Womens day cakes

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My Fair Lady Cake

My Fair Lady Cake

Rs 750.00

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Senorita Cake

Senorita Cake

Rs 900.00

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Blooming Dale Cake

Blooming Dale Cake

Rs 850.00

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Springfield Butterfly Cake

Springfield Butterfly Cake

Rs 1,250.00

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Buy women's day cakes To Make Her Feel Special

Women's day is one of the most common celebrations that happen globally. The celebration is mainly done to pay respect to the women who have a massive presence in everyone's life. On this day, it is your wife, your mother, and every woman in your family who deserves special treatment. You can buy beautiful looking women's day cakes for the women in your lives who have been helping you throughout your lives without asking for anything in life.

You can plan a great surprise on this special day and make the women in your house feel special. You have to make sure that you plan for the surprise in a great way that none in your house will be able to know about it. Besides, there is no doubt that no celebration is complete without a cake at the party. Thus, to make sure that your surprise remains a surprise, we at LeVanilla offer women's day cake online.

We know that when you plan a surprise, and you go out to buy a cake, it takes away the entire surprise that you have planned. So to help you make this women's day special, we have offered some delicious women's day cakes online. You can plan to buy some gifts online and the cakes as well while not letting the women of your house know about it.

Our woman's day cake online Keeps the Surprise Intact:

Women's day is perhaps one of the much-awaited celebrations that men would love to do for their women. Whether it is your mother or your girlfriend or your wife or maybe your daughter, you can celebrate this special day with everyone. Our woman's day cakes are created keeping in mind the things that women have done in our lives.

They have been living their lives every day for us and putting in all the effort that they can do every single day. If you really want to thank them, you can do it every day but what's the harm in celebrating with the cakes. Our woman's day cake online will help you to bring the charm in your house and happiness by respecting them and showering love.

Everyone should celebrate this day in a grand way. Whether you are a son or a husband, this day should be celebrated in everyone's house. And no celebration is complete without a beautiful cake. So choose the woman's day cake online and let the surprise be there. You must express how grateful you are to have such a powerful woman in your life.

Whether she is working or a housewife, she has always been doing things without letting you know how hard it is. Her understanding has helped you to conquer the impossible in your life as she was the one to manage everything from home. So place the order women's day cakes online and enjoy this day to the utmost.

At LeVanilla, we understand that every single day is special, and nothing is wrong with celebrating the special days. So we keep a huge variety of cakes, especially for women's day, and help you to order woman's day cakes online. With us, you can stay assured that your women in the house will be happy and keep doing the best in their lives.

Send Women's Day Cakes Anywhere:

No wonder there are people who are living outside and not with their families. It might be very hard for the women to single-handedly handle everything in the use. So it is a great time of the year when you should not forget to send her the special cakes. Even when you are outside Kolkata, and you want us to do the honor, we are obliged to send woman day cakes to your homes.

We know how hard it is for both of you to stay at a distance. So, we are here to help you do this amazing celebration with our delivery system. We want you to make your woman know that you are there for her even from a distance. So, all you need is to visit our website, choose your cake and the delivery time, and we ensure to send woman day cakes to the given destination on time.

We have curated the women's day cake, especially for this special day. We take pride in saying that we have some of the best bakeries in the house who can bring some of the finest designs in the cakes and make them look absolutely best for the occasion. Besides, we have quite a huge variety of flavors. Our woman's day cake in Kolkata will definitely help you to enjoy and bring peace to your lives.

Irrespective of the type of design you want, we at LeVanilla, ensure to bring you everything to your home. Besides, our offering of different delivery systems would help us to reach the woman's day cake in Kolkata on time. However, if you are living away from your family, you have to choose the slots accordingly.

Same Day Delivery: If you have somehow missed placing the order for the cake a day before, don't worry. At LeVanilla, we have got you covered by offering same-day delivery of woman's day cake in Kolkata. You can just choose the time, and we make sure to send woman day cakes.

Midnight Cake Delivery: If you want to ensure that you can keep the surprise and make it even special, you can choose our midnight cake delivery. We will send a woman's day cake in Kolkata at the given time and make sure that the women in your house are thoroughly surprised.

Women's day is one of the most auspicious days that you can leverage to make the women in your house feel special. Even when you are not living with your cake, LeVanilla can send women's day cake to your house and make sure to spread love.

So without any more wait, you can visit our online store and make sure to find the best woman's day cake in Kolkata.

LeVanilla Celebrates Women’s Day with a Limited Time Menu

It is not every day that you get to thank the lady or the ladies in your life for their unparalleled contributions. Well, International Women’s Day offers you that opportunity to celebrate this very spirit. 8th March marks the date for this celebration worldwide to honour the social, cultural, political, and economic achievements of women globally. And you can celebrate the day with freshly baked cake online in India!

Celebrate Women’s Day with Love & Affection

We all have that one female idol in our lives. It could be our lovely mom, adorable sister, beautiful wife, that one loyal friend, or even your dearest daughter. What’s surprisingly true is, we often find it quite hard to express those simple yet priceless words of love. And lack of expression can often give rise to barriers in relationships. But with our onDo you want a Women's Day giftline cake delivery service, you have all the reasons and opportunities to stay in love.

Trendiest Women's Day Gift Ideas

Now, not all of us are mind readers, right? Therefore, we at LeVanilla encourage you to say it out with Womens Day gifts. That one single gift wrapped with loads of love and affection would definitely make her feel special. And there’s hardly anything warmer and sweeter than a nicely baked cake!

Women’s Day Special Cakes by LeVanilla

Truly, cake making is an art! And this culinary artistry is best represented when it is backed by context. When it comes to choosing a cake for an occasion, people generally go random on picking one. But if you can select a cake that vibes with the very essence of the moment, you would be able to make the occasion memorable.

LeVanilla has on the menu a huge and delicious range of cakes for Women's Day online. And we do have a few recommendations for you so that you find it easier to order just the kind of cake you are looking for.

The Delicious Chocolate with Floral Cake

They say flowers are the best compliment for women. And instead of the real flowers, this time you can pamper her with the yummiest, edible flowers. Our Rose Basket cake isn’t just appealing but appetizing as well. The chocolaty basket with creamy roses on top would definitely make her gush and blush.

Rosette Cake—Women's Day Gift for Wife

Your love for your special lady in your life knows no bounds. That is why we have prepared Double Delight which one of the most sought after desserts in our Womens Day cake online range. This is a very special bicoloured rosette preparation, available in all flavours.

The Premium Fruit Cake with Real Strawberries

If you have been looking for a Women's Day gift for girlfriend or your wife, go strawberries! With freshly sourced strawberries, this strawberry cream-enveloped heart-shaped cake is the right choice for your significant other. We call this exquisite piece Heart 2 Heart!

Woo Her with a Potpourri Cake

How about not just roses but a grand flower basket? This vibrant and velvety dessert is so heartwarming! It is, indeed, your way of saying ‘thank you!’ Named as Flower Basket Grand, the cake is one of our hot favourites.

Convey Your Love with Muffins

In case you are having a hard time choosing a cake for your mummy, sister, or bestie, allow us to serve you our extra special muffins. The choco muffins with creamy roses on top make a perfect Rose Bunch! They usually come in a pack of 7 and are very reasonably priced.

An Exclusive, Boutique Cake

Do you want a Women's Day gift for mom that is quite unusual and at the same time fascinating? Then look no further! Our exclusive Black Fantasy is something to gawk at! This handmade black fondant cake is profusely decorated with pastel-shaded cream flowers. Undoubtedly, a gorgeous meal to remember!

What Else to Look for?

Apart from our top 6 cakes and desserts, we have more surprises to offer.

For the Admirers of Yellow
If your girl can’t get enough of the yellow shade, then treat her with Yellow Rose. The alluring Kentucky roses around the ganache so pretty and tasty.

The One and Only Rasmalai Cake

How often do you come across a cake that has combined the sweetness of the east with the west?! Our Rasmalai Cake is truly a pioneer in terms of this one in a million fusion. Order this succulent dessert to offer your lady the best of both worlds.

The Great Basket of Fruits

At LeVanilla, we are ceaselessly innovating to delight our customers. The Fruit Basket is one such creation for this Women’s Day! Fruit means health; you can gift your lady a whole basket of health in the creamiest way.

Pure Chocolate for Your Queen

Chocolate fans are beyond any age limit. It still reigns at the no.1 spot for none melts hearts the way chocolates do. We totally whip up the chocolate craving and therefore, have brought you the purest and most mouth-watering chocolates in a box.

This box of assorted chocolates is known as SCHOKOLADE16 and contains 16 premium pieces of various shapes and sizes.

Try the Most Delectable Petal Cake

The beautiful petals of a flower are often compared to a woman’s beauty. We have put such an enchanting hint at work to bring you the novel Choco Petal Cake.

The special woman in your life will surely be beguiled by just taking a single look at this dessert. The flavoursome unfurling petals in a chocolate and vanilla combo is irresistible!

What’s So Special About Levanilla Women’s Day Special Cakes?

They say behind every great man there must be a woman! All of us are highly thankful to the woman or women in our lives for all their sacrifices, support, and most importantly their presence through thick and thin. We are proud to mention that every Women’s Day special cake offered by us are designed for our women’s health and fitness as:

• every item on the menu is freshly baked and served
• no preservatives or premixes added
• we make only low-calorie sweet treats
• you can choose from the egg and eggless options
Plus, with our Womens Day cake delivery service, we only send cakes made in our own kitchen by our world-class chefs. All the more, the kitchen regulations are in line with the national health and safety standards. Every day we make sure that you enjoy top quality desserts with your near and dear ones without stepping outside.

How to Order Our Women's Day Cake Online

At LeVanilla, we give priority to our customers’ convenience. Therefore, ordering from us is pretty simple. You can simply download the LeVanilla app from Google Play Store, register with the details required, browse through our long list of savouries, type in any item name in case you are looking for anything particular, and the rest is a piece of cake! Freeze your choice, mention the quantity, add it to the cart, pay online using any given payment gateway, and we will take care of everything from that point. And don’t forget to mention the date and time you want your dessert to be delivered.

Can I Send Women’s Day Special Cake from Abroad?

Yes, absolutely! Be it a professional call or any other emergency, don’t let distance get in the way of your celebration. At LeVanilla, we accept orders from worldwide and deliver in and around Kolkata. So in case you are currently located in any other state or country, choose LeVanilla to send Womens Day cakes Kolkata.

Is Same Day Delivery Service Applicable on Women’s Day Cakes ?

Yes again! No matter which cake you order this Women’s Day, the same day delivery service is applicable on all of them. So even you had a long, tiring week or accidentally forgot about the order, don’t worry! We’ve got your back. You can receive your order on the same day, on your preferred timeslot.

Is Midnight Delivery Service Applicable on Women’s Day Cakes?

Surprising the lady of your life at the prime hour will make the occasion way more precious. And the best part is—for a midnight surprise you don’t have to make a prior purchase and think of bizarre ideas to store the cake in a hidden place.

Levanilla’s midnight delivery service is extremely smooth and buyer-friendly. Any of our customers from any location can avail this offer on the Women’s Day special cakes. We have a growing list of clients who have been satisfied with our zero-miss midnight cake delivery!

Life is quite unimaginable without your special woman by your side. From home to office, breakfast to dinner, from buying presents to developing a presentation, she is your go-to person! Although she deserves your love and respect all around the year, she would even appreciate making a single day special for her as a great gesture. So go ahead, and salute all her contributions. Order delicious Womens Day cake online, and make the most of this International Women’s Day.