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Birthday Cake

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Choco Mousse Cake

Rs 850.00
Thick sludge of chocolate mousse on a chocolate sponge base, coated with nuts and garnished with chocolate slices. A must try for mousse fans. Learn More

Choco Ruffle

Rs 700.00
Chocolate cream ruffled on a chocolate sponge base. Smooth in taste. Light in feel. Learn More

Teddy Bear

Rs 1,800.00
Teddy Bear Cake is a chocolate flavoured cake. Learn More

Multi-coloured Rosette

Rs 700.00
Multi coloured roses layered upon a spongy base with the flavour of your choice. Delightful taste, zesty looks. Sure to charm anyone, easily. Learn More


Rs 600.00
Creamy flowers layered upon base sponge flavour of your choice. Brightens up a dull day at work. Learn More

Strawberry Petal

Rs 650.00
Real strawberry pulp on a vanilla sponge base. Draped elegantly with fresh strawberry cream. A perfect birthday gift for loved ones. Learn More

Choco Web Truffle

Rs 600.00
Chocolate truffle with chocolate cream and choco chips stacked inside. A web design made with fresh cream will get you stuck on the taste. Learn More

Choco Truffle Drum

Rs 700.00
Chocolate truffle on a chocolate sponge base. Garnished with choco cigar. Nothing else beats the taste. Learn More

Choco Truffle Rose

Rs 800.00
Whipped chocolate cream on a chocolate sponge base, heaped upon with fresh cream flowers and chocolate rings. A superb combination of elegance and divinity. Learn More

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