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Fruit Cakes & Tea Breads

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Banana Bread 1KG

Rs 600.00
A type of bread that is made with mashed fully ripe bananas. It is a moist, cake-like quick bread with cinnamon flavour. Learn More

Vanilla Pound Cake

Rs 550.00
Vanilla Pound Cake Learn More

Christmas Cake with Frosting

Rs 550.00
Christmas Cake with Frosting Learn More

Apple Cake

Rs 600.00
Apple Cake Learn More

Caké Au Lait

Rs 700.00
Caké Au Lait Learn More

Walnut Brownies

Rs 650.00
Original vintage recipe with lots of molten chocolate in the centre and roasted walnuts all over. Learn More


Rs 40.00
A lightly sweeteened cake usually enjoyed with melted butter and marmalade. Learn More

Marble Ring

Rs 600.00
Choco Plum Gateaux, midnight delivery Kolkata, midnight delivery, Caramelised and marbled with swirls of chocolate, it has a fluffy texture and rich taste. Tastes great with tea or coffee. Learn More

Golden Fruit

Rs 450.00
Tea cake with rich golden hue having glaced cherries & sultanas. Levanilla offers egg variety of this cake. Learn More

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