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We have a variety of regular cakes, designer cakes and self customised cakes to choose from. Apart from that we make cream and fondant cakes on request and as per requirement. Just give us a call and we, the team of Levanilla, are always ready to help you in every occassion of yours.

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Freshly baked

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Midnight Delivery

Get a cake delivered for a special person on a special occassion at MIDNIGHT! Just place an order to Levanilla through online portal and your order is delivered at your doorstep right in the middle of the night.

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Gifting Levanilla cakes for Birthday is very popular. What can be better if a designer cake is sent to someone. Cake with exclusive design adds different dimensions to the gifting. A designer cake stands out from the usual cake's design. It conveys the personal touch which you convey to somebody you care and love. Cakes with common design or cakes which are mostly available everywhere does not excite the receiver. Once a designer cake is on the table, it works wonders. The occasion of a birthday or any other special day becomes memorable. It adds a magic touch to the celebrations. Designer cake really stands out in making someone’s day very exclusive and conveys such special message which is out of the box.

If you are in the lookout for the designer cakes in Kolkata. Your search comes to an end at Levanilla. This online bakery really is one of its kind. The cake they churn out from their bakery is simply the best designer cakes in Kolkata. The variety of innovative ideas and flavours are unmatched. Levanilla actually beats other bakeries in designer cakes in Kolkata. Why bother when you can get your hands on to such exclusive cakes. Designer cakes in Kolkata starts and end here.

With the advent of Levanilla into the bakery arena, designer birthday cakes Kolkata is savoring a new height. The typical boring cakes are out. What has set in is chic and fancy, designer birthday cakes Kolkata scenario. TEAM LEVANILLA cake artists come up with the latest ideas and concept in cake making and the exclusive ideas of flowers into the never seen or thought about cakes which delights the person who receive it and is stuck with awe. Levanillla truly carries the banner of the designer birthday cake Kolkata. There is no second thought to it and is light years ahead of its competitors. All subtle ideas and emotions are carefully crafted to make that special cake for each customer. The team Levanilla works in conjunction with the customer to paint that perfect picture which is in his mind and which he or she wants to create for his or her special person. Designer birthday cakes Kolkata is actually synonymous with Levanilla cakes.

People are searching for designer birthday cakes for the simple reason that they like to maintain exclusivity.Customers hates copying ideas for cake gifting. Designer birthday cakes are jointly conceived by the chefs and the customer and made to decorate the birthday parties. It adds that special firework to the event. No birthday party is complete and unique without Levanilla designer birthday cake. A dedicated team of Chef and cake artist are in the helm of this creative affair. So much of the thought process and cups of coffee goes into it to finally derive at the one of its kind designer birthday cake. The dedicated teams loves the challenge every time to create the magic cake which the customer has in her or his mind. LEVANILLA is second to none in this respect.

Where can you get designer cake online?

Levanilla.in the online cake store of course. Online purchases has taken the entire world by storm. The convenience of ordering designer cake online is so relevant special when people prefer to stay indoor due to this worldwide pandemic. Personal touch and presence is missed. The only sigh of relief is reaching out to loved ones on their special days with designer cake online specially created with lots of love care and concern. That’s what exactly Levanilla does. Its online portal allows customers to forward cake picture and sketches for designs. After details discussion and brain storming, the unique item evolves. The cake is prepared according to the order placed online and delivered to the doorstep without any hassles and maintaining the hygiene of designer cake online and you will never be disappointed. This is the promise of Levanilla. Seemless cake development to delivery at doorstep is efficiently executed with precision and skill which makes Levanilla a household name.

Convenience is the keyword for to days purchases. Customers are increasingly searching for designers cake near me. Travel is restricted these days. Hence to be able to customize a cake is really of great help. That too from places close by. To make somebody’s special day memorable, Levanilla pops up as soon as you type designer cakes near me in your search. The ease and convenience is what you get on such an effort. Least travel is always considered prime in present situation as people are so busy and mostly working from home. They are in short of time but always wants to remember special days of friends and family. Sending a designer cake online is the best option. Naturally, they prefer bakeries who would be able to deliver. Designer cake near me serves the designer cake without fuss and that too online. Timely delivery is the essence and Levanilla adhere to it strictly making sending designer cake near me concept a winner. LEVANILLA is at every doorstep with it’s online portal .So go ahead and order confidence

Levanilla specializes in designers for everyone and every occasion. Be it a designer cake for a girl or a designer cake for a boy. We are never short of ideas to fascinate them. Comic characters and popular game themes features in designer cakes for boys. Barbie theme are popular amongst designer cake for girls. Anniversaries are another event where Levanilla really shines.

Designer cakes for anniversary is very popular and customers swear by it on Levanilla. Cake artists spend hours to make that perfect and exclusive cake for the occasion. Customized cakes are very well accepted by our esteem customers who wants the one of its kind presentations on their table for the designer cake for anniversary. Exclusive customized cakes feature very high on Levanilla ’search list online. Customized cakes near me is the requirement for several customers. Life is busy and better time management is obvious. Levanilla is a step ahead with customized cakes for birthdays. Customers also demands ease of ordering. We offer customizes cakes online on our portal. That make us popular.

So if you are in Kolkata, just type in customized cakes in Kolkata to find us. Anniversaries are usually very personal events. Surprise is another very important element so people usually prefer custom cakes order online. The cake is delivered to the person without any knowledge of the receiver. Customized cakes for moms how the love of children for their mom. We at Levanilla carefully and most lovingly bake fresh cakes for this grand occasion.

There are several theme cakes which we offer. The same care and affection go into the production. The variety of theme cake for kids are quite comprehensive. Choose from our big list. Customized cakes in Kolkata find a new dimension. Try and send designer cake from our affordable range of cakes. Birthday theme cakes are gaining popularity as customers are trying to be unique when sending cakes. The person receiving it also is delighted. So, send a designer cake with the best bakery in Kolkata which is none other than Levanilla. This service you may really trust with us. Even send designer cakes online and surprise your loved ones. This will remain in their hearts for a long time for sure. Levanilla will keep on the promise and commitment to send customized cake online and that’s what they have been doing since last seven years with love.