Valentines Day Cakes

Valentines Day Cakes

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Choco Greet Cake

Choco Greet Cake

Rs 680.00

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Chocolate Hearty Cake

Chocolate Hearty Cake

Rs 600.00

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Cupid’s Basket Cake

Cupid’s Basket Cake

Rs 1,500.00

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Double Delight Cake

Double Delight Cake

Rs 825.00

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Valentines Day Cakes for Your Beloved

Every year 14th February arrives with a lot of warmth and excitement. This special day of and for love calls for a celebration. Therefore, lovers around the world try to make Valentine’s Day memorable by exchanging gifts. It is the gifts that let you express your heartiest desires to your beloved in the sweetest manner. And talking about sweetness, there is no gift more charming than the cakes. As they say, the way to the heart is through the stomach, our Valentine Day special cakes are the must-haves to set the mood for such a romantic occasion just right.

Get the Yummiest Valentines Cake in Kolkata

The City of Joy observes every festival or event with the due amount of cheer. If you are a resident of Kolkata, you will know that good food is a prerequisite for any occasion, in fact, it makes it completes. At Levanilla, we understand this unique food culture of Kolkata and that’s why we offer the most delicious items for every occasion.

Although Valentine’s Day originated in the western part of the globe, the Kolkatans have accepted it with much endearment. Truly, love has no language and so is food. Our grand range of happy Valentines Day cakes breaks all barriers by connecting hearts.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day 2021 Your Way

Love makes the world go around! Although the past year has made our way of living extremely challenging, we are hopeful of overcoming it this year with love! Levanilla understands how much safety is important to you and for the ones you love the most. Be it your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife, you don’t need to stand in the queue to get the cake of his or her choice.

Our Valentine day cake delivery online services will send you cakes to your doorstep. Simply visit our app, choose the cake you like, mention size, place the order, make the payment, and our delivery guys will reach you on the particular day and time.

We have also made midnight cake delivery in Kolkata a popular culture. If your partner loves surprises, give him or her one. Avail our midnight cake delivery services to deliver a box filled with your love and affection at the prime hour.

Forget about the world as it is just about you and your beloved. Those densely packed parties, crowded clubs, or noisy dancefloors can never do justice to the emotional bond you share with your better half. A candlelit evening, soft music, and a creamy cake by Levanilla are all you need to make it worthwhile. Levanilla is the most trusted name in every household of Kolkata for the reputation it has garnered over the years.

Why Choose Levanilla for Valentine’s Day Cake Orders

When romance is in the air, you wish to make it special for your loved one. Now, it is a common culture to gift cards, flowers, jewellery, perfume to the spouse or a partner. But none of it can fill your beloved with joy like a nicely baked cake can. So when looking for the best Valentines cake in Kolkata, Levanilla is your one and only destination. We emerged as the very first online cake shop in Kolkata with our very own kitchen. Unlike other bakeries, we don’t source our goodies from any random bakery. Every item is cooked under the firm supervision of our chefs, meeting the highest hygiene standards. We make sure every bite you take is healthy.

Additionally, we follow international methods of cake making that are currently followed worldwide, assuring top-notch quality and taste.

Send Cakes to Kolkata This Valentine’s Day

You two can be geographically separated but not emotionally. If work keeps you away from your partner most of the time, then send Valentine’s Day special cakes to him or her to express how much you miss your darling. No matter in which corner of the world you are residing, Levanilla’s online cake delivery in Kolkata lets you eliminate all gaps in-between.

You can also opt for same-day deliveries if you have to follow a busy schedule, and accidentally the date slips off your mind. Don’t worry because Levanilla will responsibly deliver your message of love even if we receive the order on the very day.

The Best Valentine’s Day Cakes by Levanilla

Levanilla offers a whole range of delectable cakes to choose from. However, if this is your first Valentine’s Day or perhaps you are purchasing cake online for the first time, then the following guide will help you:

For the new lovebirds, nothing can replace the magic of a red velvet cake for Valentines Day. And line a twist in a tale, we bake the Levanilla special red velvet cakes with some cheesy indulgence. Our red velvet cheesecake is one of a kind preparation made for your loveliest moments.

If your other half is a great admirer of cupcakes, then you can definitely try our red velvet Valentines Day cupcakes. These red coloured chocolate cupcakes are topped with white cheese or icing that will simply melt in your mouth. Available in a box of six, they are perfect for Valentine Day cake delivery in Kolkata.

Who can say no to chocolate?! Levanilla brings you a special set of Valentines Day chocolate cakes for your fetish for this magical flavour. You can choose our heart-shaped chocolate truffle cake with choco glaze and cream roses on top. You can also try our Tube Rose chocolate cake that comes with beautiful, floral garnishings, or the choco-chip infused rose basket than resembles freshly plucked British roses in a cane basket. Simply splendid!

Every Valentine special cake by Levanilla is designed and baked keeping in mind your sentiments and taste in desserts. Our Valentines Day cake online can be availed in:

• egg and eggless options
• low-calorie range

All our products are preservative-free and absolutely fresh. Precisely, it is the best delight you and your beloved can enjoy on the day of love! For further details, you can call us on +91-8961509733 or WhatsApp on +91-6290874136.