Le Vanilla.in is an online Bakery, based in Kolkata.
We specialise in Freshly Baked Cakes & Gateaux among other savouries and mould them as per your desire. We also deliver at your doorstep, all through the day, right up till midnight.

"a Baker’s heart & a Master’s art” is the essence of our bakery

Our Story

So what makes us so popular among our regulars?


It’s the sheer delight that they experience with each bite of our fresh baked goodies. The perfect semi-golden crust of our authentic Blueberry Cheesecake crumbles into a subtle sweet note, laden with noble proportions of cheese that end on a slight hint of citrus and overwhelmingly juicy blueberry pulp or the Fresh Fruit Gateaux, crested with slices of real seasonal fruits and soy cream-based soft fruity layers, tenderly slumped into supple velvety bread; leave you with a lingering taste of happiness and guilt-free goodness.


Imagine the cake and we’ll bake


We understand the value of celebration and have a varied selection of confectionery to suit every occasion. Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Festivals, Promotions, Farewell or simply saying Thank You, each of us have our own reasons to celebrate or may choose to celebrate simply without any reason, to express ourselves in our own unique way. That’s why we create according to our customers’ preferences to perfection. Size, shape, colour, design, base, toppings...everything can be custom-baked.


Book your order online or even call us. We take orders 24 x 7 and deliver-to-address within 4-5 hours from the time of order*. We accept different modes of payment as mentioned below.

Cash on Delivery
Online Payment
We also serve fruit cakes so that you can celebrate Christmas every day, all around the year. We like baking the traditional way and we do not add any premixes to our cakes.