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Birthday Cake

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Birthday marks the beginning of a new year in a person's life and is one of the most important day. A birthday is usually celebrated by near and dear ones. We all love to surprise our loved one with gifts and presents to make that special person in our life happy. Birthday cakes are an eternal part of our birthday celebrations and without a birthday cake, it seems to be incomplete. Usually, due to work commitments we usually travel and stay away from our loved ones, but that doesn't stop us from surprising our loved ones with gifts and cakes. What could be better than gifting our loved ones with a beautiful birthday cake and make them feel extra special even if you are away from them.

Levanilla gives you the option of gifting such beautiful birthday cakes on their special day. In case you don't remember the important dates, and at the last moment you want a cake to be delivered, Levanilla is the correct option. We usually delivered a freshly baked cake in Kolkata within 3 HRS. You can also gift a birthday cake at midnight. So, enjoy the option of midnight cake delivery in Kolkata. You can choose from a large variety of cakes for different persons.

We have categories like Birthday Cakes for Him, Birthday Cakes for her, Birthday Cakes for husband, Birthday Cakes for Wife, Birthday Cakes for father, Birthday Cakes for mother, Birthday Cakes for Brother, Birthday Cakes for sister, Birthday Cakes for Girlfriend, Birthday Cakes for Boyfriend. Also Choose from a variety of flavours like Chocolate Birthday Cakes, Strawberry Birthday Cakes, Butterscotch Birthday Cakes, Vanilla Birthday Cakes, Orange Birthday Cakes, Blueberry Birthday Cakes, Mango Birthday Cakes, Red Velvet Birthday Cakes, Pineapple Birthday Cakes, Black Forest birthday cakes etc. You can also order customized happy birthday cake with customized name & photo. Apart from birthday cakes if you are looking for birthday cupcake delivery in Kolkata, choose from our wide range of cupcakes and muffins. Also, if you are looking for customized birthday cake delivery in Kolkata , then fill up our customize Cake form.

Levanilla gives you the option of same day delivery anywhere in Kolkata for such cakes. Levanilla is the best option for the midnight cake delivery in Kolkata too.