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Wedding - A very special and memorable event in our lives. Everything about this day is special. No one wants to take any chances on this day and therefore, making this extra special is common. With the only agenda to keep picture-perfect things, couples are looking forward to finding some of the best wedding cakes on this special day. For people who have been planning to make a great wedding event, choosing us can be a good choice.

Whether you are looking for wedding cakes for your special friend or for yourself, you must be finding the best designs. Thankfully, we at LeVanilla have some of the widest range of options available for you to make the special day even more special. These are the picture-perfect wedding cakes that have been made with a range of flavors to help satiate the different taste buds. From the exclusive range of wedding cakes online, we aim to bake one for you as per your unique needs.

We understand your expectations of this day. From the perfect dress to the perfect food to setting and finally to the wedding cakes. With a team of professionals, we bring innovations through our designs and tastes. We improve the excitement in the celebrations with our exotic designs of wedding cakes. At LeVanillla, we ensure convenience and send wedding cakes to the given destinations.

Celebrate Your Special Day With The Stunning wedding cakes in Kolkata:

Every individual loves to make their wedding day a special one. Since making the wedding day, extra special would need something bigger and better, designing a proper and designer cake can add to the excitement of the celebration. We know that different people have different plans for their wedding thus our varieties of 2 and 3-tier wedding cakes can be a good selection. We know how difficult it is to take care of everything singlehandedly, and hence, we assure you to stay relaxed. We will design the wedding cakes just the way you have seen them in the picture. Besides, our wedding cake delivery in Kolkata helps you to get your special cake right at your doorstep.

If you are perplexed about wedding cakes online in Kolkata, then with us, you can stay absolutely stress-free. We clearly have knowledge about the dreams and aspirations associated with these wedding cakes, and thus, we will offer you the cake that will meet your expectations. From your chosen taste to your selected look of the cake, we ensure making it perfect from every angle. Years later, when you watch the reels together, you guys can still remember the unique taste of our wedding cakes. So, choose your exotic wedding cakes online, and we will be delighted to watch you happy.

Exotic Range of Stunning Wedding Cakes Online

We know that different people have different needs in terms of tastes and looks. Thus, we keep a broad range of wedding cakes in our online portal to help you make the decision. These cakes are designed just the way you see them online. Besides, we make sure to satisfy everyone’s wishes, and so we prepare cakes in a range of flavors. We have an exotic range of cake flavors like Vanilla cakes, Butterscotch, Chocolate cakes, Black forest, Mango cakes, and much more. According to your given choice of design and flavors, we will create wedding cakes that can meet the varied requirements.

No wonder that these wedding cakes online are not only yummilicious, but the decorations made on them keep them getting the limelight. The moment you bring the cake on focus, everyone will get dazzled with the look. Therefore, we keep quite a huge variety of photogenic cakes. Here are some of the most common designs and decorations of wedding cakes.

Tier Cakes: We know that you might be looking for a large cake- something that is beyond the conventional-looking. We make it happen for you. In our collection, we keep both 2 tier and 3 tier wedding cakes that can match your wedding theme. We will personalize everything that you order us and reach no stones unturned to make your wedding day more special and memorable for you.

Floral Designed Cakes: Floral-designed cakes are not something new in the market. This is one of the trendiest things going on in the current times. At LeVanillla, we make a wide range of floral cakes for you that can help you celebrate the wedding just the way you want. If you wish to give tiers to your floral cake, just let us know. We ensure making things happen for your special day.

Heart-Shaped cakes: This is one of the most commonly designed cakes available in the market since time immemorial. However, we try to give it a modern and unique touch with our professionals. The designs of heart-shaped cakes that we have in our collection can be the best inclusion for weddings and other events as well. We will personalize the cakes just the way you want.

Whatever you are expecting to be the designs of the wedding cakes, we ensure getting it for you. Meeting your expectations on your special day and giving them a look that you have always decided is probably the best way. This way, you can create an auspicious event that would remain etched in your hearts.

Place your order for the best wedding cakes in Kolkata :

We know how disappointing it is to find the cake design different from what you have expected. We make sure that there is no such worse scenario that you have to handle. Choose LeVanillla to bring any type of stunning and flavourful wedding cake that brings excitement to the party. The masterpiece that we create through baking and decorating with the only intention to sparkle the magic on this day. Choose us to create and make wedding cake delivery in Kolkata.

Wedding day is one of the auspicious events in our lives. So, let's make it even more beautiful with our designed cakes. Choose your cake, and we will send wedding cakes to your doorstep.